Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quilt Sale

I mentioned earlier this summer that I had a large stack of quilts to sell. I'm starting with these five quilts and hope to photograph and get the details written down of the other quilts in the next week or so. All of the quilts are handmade by me. Most were sample quilts I made for magazine, book or other publication of some sort. In the past I've opened up special online shops to sell quilts but am just going to list them here. Please feel free to email me with questions by clicking the red "email" button over on the right sidebar.

The above quilt I've called "Charmed I'm Sure." It measures 72" x 103" and is 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. Though the corners look square in these photos, they are actually angled corners... you just can't tell because my husband is holding it while standing on a bale of hay and doing his best not to fall off. $300 plus shipping and insurance.

The above 100% cotton quilt measures 55" x 55" and is named "Filigree." Machine wash and tumble dry. The soft colors and bold x's remind of of fine filigree work. $200 plus shipping and insurance. Unless your local of course. In which case, I'll bring it to ya!

"Bento Box" is the name of the above 100% cotton quilt that measures 56" x 84" (perfect on a twin bed!) Machine wash and tumble dry. $200 plus shipping and insurance.

This giant rainbow gradient quilt measures 86" x 103". It is, of course, 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. $300 plus shipping and insurance.

Finally, this strawberry quilt measures 51" x 64" and is such a happy, summery quilt. It's 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. $200 plus shipping and insurance.

You guys! Thank you for taking a look. I'm constantly making quilts. It's what I love to do. I've never made a quilt I didn't love and it will pain me just a little to send these off to new owners. However, these (plus the others I will post in the coming week) have been stacked up in the I'm-going-to-sell-some-quilts-so-momma-can-keep-making-more pile for several months and my family hasn't missed them. Fingers crossed you find something you like.


Monday, August 7, 2017

My Amish Inspired Quilt

Looking back at progress photos of these quilt blocks, I see that I started making this quilt last July. I finished all twenty-four blocks last summer and knew that I wanted to set them on point. I also knew that I had to fix two blocks. Those two things meant that I stacked them on top of each other and set them on a shelf.  Fixing blocks and setting them on point are not two of my favorite things.

But these blocks were never very far out of my mind. Over the course of a year I pulled them out more than once just to look at them. I love, love, love the bright colors on the black background. I love the mix of traditional quilt blocks that I chose. I have a rug in my house that is brights on a black background and very folk art-ish. For the entire last year I've imagined this quilt residing in the same room as that awesome rug.

Well, July 2017 was finally the time where I buckled down and fixed those blocks and nearly pulled my hair out sashing and setting them on point. It might have been easier if I had had a pattern to follow. You know, one that told me how much fabric to buy, how to cut it, and how best to arrange the blocks. It only took me thirty minutes to fix the blocks. Thirty minutes! Makes me wish I didn't wait a year to do it. Piecing the top together took longer. Basting it took even longer because the backing is a silky, sateen fabric that liked to shift during the process. Quilting it took awhile too for the same reason. But, BUT, I am incredibly thrilled with the final result!

It measures about 90 inches square and is truly one of my most favorite quilts I've ever made.


NOTE TO SELF: Don't wait a year to finish a quilt. It's so much more fun to have a finished quilt than stare at pieces and parts on a shelf.

P.S. The backing is a Kaffe Fassett 108" wide sateen backing fabric. It's luxurious and worth the extra time it took to use.

P.S. All the quilt blocks finished at 12" square.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Moda Skill Builder Blocks

This month's Moda Skill Builder Blocks (a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop that has me making a few blocks each month from February through November) are over sized and fun to make. Putting them up next to prior months' blocks has me itching to make the blocks for September and October and then put the quilt together!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Too good not to mention

Um. Have you seen this giveaway?  

Bernina has given Fat Quarter Shop“Hello Lovely” Cotton + Steel B350SE sewing machine to give away. The sewing machine has a MSRP of $1,899!  The giveaway runs through Tuesday, July 25, and the winner will be announced the following day. You can enter by clicking >>>HERE<<< . 

Yowza! That's a good one!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

On the design wall lately

I've shared the projects that I've been working on over on Instagram often lately. Instagram is so good for that. Soooo good. As I work on a quilt and move pieces and parts around, I like the instant reaction, suggestion and support that I get there. And the snippets of works in progress seem so appropriate for that platform.

Anyway. I've got several quilts in progress right now. The X + quilt blocks above are fun to make because there isn't a lot of concentration required. I can sort of zone out while I make them. Know what I mean? And then the variety of blocks with the black background take constant attention and concentration. It's nice having both projects going at the same time so that I can choose the level of attention I feel like giving at any moment.

I recently went through all the quilts in the entire house and made a stack of 10-12 that I've kept separate. I wanted to see if my family even noticed they were gone. They haven't because even with those out of the mix, we still have 30+ quilts on hand. Many of them are quilts from my book, from magazine contributions, and ones that have been stored in cabinets for far too long. I hope to photograph them and hold a "sample sale" of them soon. Maybe if I post a few a week it won't seem so overwhelming.  Fingers crossed that goes well. . . mama's gotta sell some quilts if she wants to keep making them. And I really want to keep making them. Ha!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Mini masterpieces

The girls and I have been painting this summer. One of us hauls out a few supplies and before I know it, all three of us are sitting at the kitchen table painting. Sometimes it's quiet as we are each in our zone. Other times it's loud with music and chatter. All the time my hand hovers over the mini canvas as my eyes take it all in, my chest wells up with gratitude, and I do my very best to imprint this luxurious moment in my memory.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Um. That's the cat's food.

Excuse the blurry photos. I was a little caught off guard.